Interact Tile is a modular wall system that utilizes digital fabrication tools and techniques. By pushing on the individual tiles, users are invited to play with the interactive installation as they turn the LED light on and off. Each concrete tile is cast with an array of embedded acrylic rods that directs the light in a specific way. Three prototypes were designed and reproduced using a flexible rubber mold. For more information visit  MAKE ARCHITECTURE .
 Pixel Lite is a wall-hung lighting fixture made with simple snap together woodworking technique and fabricated on a ShopBot CNC machine. A recessed tool path image of chinese calligraphy is overlaid with a pixel translation of the same image at a different scale. Light seeps through the MDO plywood from varying sized perforations to provide a soft illumination. For more information visit  MAKE ARCHITECTURE .
 TRAVEL TABLE  Designed and Fabricated by Juliet Hsu, Janice Chiu, Mariam Son Material: 12" x 18" x 14", airplane plywood UCB Arch 152