©   Peter Menzel    Adjacent to an abandoned quarry, this 3,080 sf single-family   residence takes advantage of a steep hillside property with restricting   zoning code in the Napa Valley. The site-specific design is conceived   as three cascading roofs set in the landscape, each rotated at an   angle optimized for views of Mt. Tamalpais and Marin. 
  Designed as a series of graduating volumes in response to the neighborhood, this infill project is located in old Mountain View, California. The two-story portion of the house is located to the back of the property to minimize overall appearance when viewed from the quiet residential street.     Suspended between two rammed earth volumes, the main living space features large sliding glass doors that open onto an expansive outdoor patio while being protected by a row of existing cypress trees. 
 The Urban Solarium project addresses the issue of energy efficiency through the lens of thermal performance in the context of urban housing. Located in the historic brick row house neighborhood of Boston's South End, the project utilizes brick for its inherent property of high heat capacity – a material's ability to store radiant energy and release it later due to the temperature difference between day and night – as a thermal battery for heating and cooling domestic spaces.